LED Technology

LED Lighting is beleived to the future of Landscape Lighting.

LONG LIFE: While it is beleived that LED bulbs may last longer than 70,000 hours, they are conservatively rated for 50,000 hours.  Burning 8 hours a night, these lamps can last over 17 years.
LIGHT OUTPUT: The lumen output of our 12V LED products are comparage to the lumen output of a 20 Watt MR16 bulb.  So you can get the same if not MORE light output at literally half of the wattage.
EFFICIENCY:  The upfront expense of the LED fixture will pay for themselves in the first 5 years of their life, because they use significantly less energy.  When you compare a 20 Watt halogen bulb with a 6 Watt LED bulb there is an energy saving of $30 in 2 years and $115 over 5 years.