New Installation

Step 1:  DESIGN

Lighting Designer, James Fleming, will meet with you at your home or business and discuss your lighting needs.   He will give a his professional opinion about placements of the lights, how many lights are needed and assist you in choosing your light fixtures.


Silver Moon will come out and set-up a temporary lighting demonstrartion so that you can see how your property will look with landscape lighting BEFORE you make a decision!  With our temporary lights, we design and layout a complete full-scale lighting system at your home.  We leave the lights with you for three nights so that you can have the time to really see how your lights are going to look.


After the details are finalized, we schedule an installation date.  The lights are professionally installed without disturbing the current landscaping.  Wire lines are buried deep into the ground and are unnoticeable.  Transformer placement is vital to the installation.  If needed, our Electrician will install a new electrical outlet for the transformer to be installed in an optimal location.  After the installation is complete, all you have to do is wait until nightfall and enjoy the benefits of your new lighting system!